Tips to follow when setting up a facebook page

Here are just a few tips that I believe are integral to incorporate when setting up a Facebook page

1. Customise you url.

This is a great way to decipher your page from others and gives a clear outline of what your page is, simply through the url. It also is easier on the eye for the user instead of a large obscure url that has no clear link to what your page is about.

2. Clearly define your page.
This may sound like common sense but make sure your page is set up clearly with information about your page on business and have a clear profile and cover photo to associate with what your page is about. Another part of setting up your page is to have a good search-ability aspect on the page so it is easy to find when a person is searching for it on Facebook. And of coarse make it a LIKE PAGE AND NOT A FRIEND PAGE. It may sound clear but you would be surprised that some large companies get this wrong on their pages. Just check out this profile pic! Uncle ben

3. Attract an audience with good content.
Once you have your page established you want people to view it. (obviously!?!) You can promote your page through Facebook advertising which can be effective but a more cost efficient way is to create and share good content on your page.

4. Target the right people

When a fisherman goes fishing he doesn’t just throw a line out in the ocean and expect fish to bite onto it, he picks the area that is known to have fish and uses the bait that those fish like. This same thought process can be applied to your Facebook page!! You target the audience you want by isolating where they are and show them what the want to see.
5. Have Fun!
This is probably the most important aspect. When people are on social media they do not want to be bored by mundane advertising, they enjoy creative entertaining content, so have fun with different ideas you can use to promote your page this has a much higher chance of people talking about your page then if you are simply posting monotonous, boring content. Try to be ‘cool!’


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