Why businesses should blog

As the title may suggest, this post is here to list off a few reasons why businesses should blog.

  1. If your business is not blogging your business is missing out. As shown here the statistics associated with business’s that blog and their success online are intrinsically linked. A blog is a simple and easy-to-use platform for a business to connect and share ideas and information with their customers. A tool like this, should be a part of any business that wishes to become successful
  2. Blogs fuel SEO. Search engines love valuable content. If your business can create valuable content it will be high up the list in terms of SEO and your business will be rewarded for it.
  3. Blogging can drive sales. In a recent HubSpot survey 60% of businesses who blog gain more customers.If you are a business that doesn’t blog, that is a huge market your business is potentially missing out on. No company wants to alienate themselves from potential customers, and by not blogging, it appears that is what a companies are doing.
  4. Finally the interactivity that comes with blogging is a large opportunity that businesses can capitalise on. Blogging allows for a two way conversation between a business and their customer allowing the company to tailor itself to exactly what their client wants. Perfecting supply and demand. Factoring in the insight that can be taken from these conversations with the low cost of blogging, it would be completely negligent for a business not to blog

Here is a link to a post by Jeff Bullas about some other reasons why a company should blog, as if there wasn’t enough already!

Jeff Bulas.com

Jeff Bulas.com


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