WWE Web Presence Analysis

If you have 5 minutes spare please have a look at the video I and a few of my colleagues in CIT created. Its a short analysis of the WWE’s web presence and design. All comments and suggestions are welcomed and I would really appreciate the feedback.


Re marketing. Useful marketing tool or cyber stalking?

Remarketing. Think of re-marketing like this: you use marketing to bring a visitor to your website, and if he or she doesn’t make a purchase, you then use re-marketing to bring the visitor back to your website and convert him or her in to a paying customer. Remarketing has blown up since the initiation of Google AdWords in 2010. Google AdWords allows the user to connect with users based on past interactions with your website as they surf sites within the Google Content Network. It allows the user to provide another avenue to reconnect with people who showed interest in products or services in the past on their webpage.

This is an incredible tool for marketers to use! To have the ability to specifically reach people who have shown an interest in your page and bring them back, is almost a digital form of having the exit from your store leading to the entrance of your store. Through the utilisation of cookies.(What are computer cookies!?!?!) Here is a great video of hoe to set up remarketing for your website.

This is great news for marketers. But what about the consumer? Do I want every website I visit to forever target me anytime I go online.
This is a hot topic with regards to peoples privacy online. Marketers will say there is nothing stopping them from posting a promotional leaflet to your mail box so why shouldn’t that apply to online? The flip side of the coin being can we no longer search the net without being targeted to purchase something from every site we visit? The debate will continue but with scope of opportunity remarketing is currently offering, there looks to be no decline in its usage by organisations in the coming future.

Why businesses should blog

As the title may suggest, this post is here to list off a few reasons why businesses should blog.

  1. If your business is not blogging your business is missing out. As shown here the statistics associated with business’s that blog and their success online are intrinsically linked. A blog is a simple and easy-to-use platform for a business to connect and share ideas and information with their customers. A tool like this, should be a part of any business that wishes to become successful
  2. Blogs fuel SEO. Search engines love valuable content. If your business can create valuable content it will be high up the list in terms of SEO and your business will be rewarded for it.
  3. Blogging can drive sales. In a recent HubSpot survey 60% of businesses who blog gain more customers.If you are a business that doesn’t blog, that is a huge market your business is potentially missing out on. No company wants to alienate themselves from potential customers, and by not blogging, it appears that is what a companies are doing.
  4. Finally the interactivity that comes with blogging is a large opportunity that businesses can capitalise on. Blogging allows for a two way conversation between a business and their customer allowing the company to tailor itself to exactly what their client wants. Perfecting supply and demand. Factoring in the insight that can be taken from these conversations with the low cost of blogging, it would be completely negligent for a business not to blog

Here is a link to a post by Jeff Bullas about some other reasons why a company should blog, as if there wasn’t enough already!

Jeff Bulas.com

Jeff Bulas.com

Tips to follow when setting up a facebook page

Here are just a few tips that I believe are integral to incorporate when setting up a Facebook page

1. Customise you url.

This is a great way to decipher your page from others and gives a clear outline of what your page is, simply through the url. It also is easier on the eye for the user instead of a large obscure url that has no clear link to what your page is about.

2. Clearly define your page.
This may sound like common sense but make sure your page is set up clearly with information about your page on business and have a clear profile and cover photo to associate with what your page is about. Another part of setting up your page is to have a good search-ability aspect on the page so it is easy to find when a person is searching for it on Facebook. And of coarse make it a LIKE PAGE AND NOT A FRIEND PAGE. It may sound clear but you would be surprised that some large companies get this wrong on their pages. Just check out this profile pic! Uncle ben

3. Attract an audience with good content.
Once you have your page established you want people to view it. (obviously!?!) You can promote your page through Facebook advertising which can be effective but a more cost efficient way is to create and share good content on your page.

4. Target the right people

When a fisherman goes fishing he doesn’t just throw a line out in the ocean and expect fish to bite onto it, he picks the area that is known to have fish and uses the bait that those fish like. This same thought process can be applied to your Facebook page!! You target the audience you want by isolating where they are and show them what the want to see.
5. Have Fun!
This is probably the most important aspect. When people are on social media they do not want to be bored by mundane advertising, they enjoy creative entertaining content, so have fun with different ideas you can use to promote your page this has a much higher chance of people talking about your page then if you are simply posting monotonous, boring content. Try to be ‘cool!’

Your favorite social media!!!

Blogging Begins!!

BloggingHi all!! My name is Shane Hickey and  I am a third year marketing student in Cork Institute of Technology.  This blog will contain material about digital marketing and the ways in which you can utilise social media and new technologies for your benefit from a business point of view and, in general, to increase your social media profile. This is as part of my current college course work so if anybody who reads this has any feedback that can help me improve the blog I’m all ears!!