Re marketing. Useful marketing tool or cyber stalking?

Remarketing. Think of re-marketing like this: you use marketing to bring a visitor to your website, and if he or she doesn’t make a purchase, you then use re-marketing to bring the visitor back to your website and convert him or her in to a paying customer. Remarketing has blown up since the initiation of Google AdWords in 2010. Google AdWords allows the user to connect with users based on past interactions with your website as they surf sites within the Google Content Network. It allows the user to provide another avenue to reconnect with people who showed interest in products or services in the past on their webpage.

This is an incredible tool for marketers to use! To have the ability to specifically reach people who have shown an interest in your page and bring them back, is almost a digital form of having the exit from your store leading to the entrance of your store. Through the utilisation of cookies.(What are computer cookies!?!?!) Here is a great video of hoe to set up remarketing for your website.

This is great news for marketers. But what about the consumer? Do I want every website I visit to forever target me anytime I go online.
This is a hot topic with regards to peoples privacy online. Marketers will say there is nothing stopping them from posting a promotional leaflet to your mail box so why shouldn’t that apply to online? The flip side of the coin being can we no longer search the net without being targeted to purchase something from every site we visit? The debate will continue but with scope of opportunity remarketing is currently offering, there looks to be no decline in its usage by organisations in the coming future.